Great step folding stool

Foldable step stool 9 Inch of Equipsafe is such a handy tool for multipurpose use in the home and office, for both children and adults. It is one of the safest furnishings you can own.

Step stool 9 Inch

 Foldable step stool 9 Inch of Equipsafe: suitable for kids:

As our children grow up, we can show them that it is possible to help us do different chores around the house, especially in the kitchen. This can help grow active children who learn new skills and experience family togetherness. We can do this easily and safely by using Equipsafe step stools. These very light stools are strong enough to support the child’s weight and stable enough not to split when playing on them. This stool can help the little helper reach the counter height and participate in food preparation. They can also start cooking or reach the bathroom sinks to clean their hands and face or brush their teeth. In addition, in the first years of life, toddlers want to experience independence in lots of little ways, such as sitting in a chair on their own without parental assistance. Since most chairs are designed in height and shape for adults, the Equipsafe folding step stool becomes an ideal stool chair for your little ones to sit in while drawing for example, and keep their knees bent and their feet supported by the floor so they can go wherever they want without adult help.

Size of folding equipement

Foldable step stool 9 Inch of Equipsafe: suitable for adults:

At home, you may need additional inches to reach those hard-to-reach places in the kitchen, garage, bathroom, bedroom, office, etc. So you need a boost to get up off the floor and reach higher shelving for example.  You have these easy-to-fold step stools from Equipsafe that are effective, sturdy enough to support the weight of an adult, and provide a safe footing surface. In the past, many people have resorted to using let’s say a collapsible kitchen chair and climbing on it to gain additional height to reach a mahogany top shelf for example. However, However, this solution is not safe enough, as the chair can split and be cracked over, which may injure the user. That’s why, which meets all safety requirements, is the best choice.

Great step folding stool

Foldable step stool 9 Inch of Equipsafe : What is it?

Equipsafe’s 9 inch folding step stool is your right choice when you are looking for durability, safety, and steadiness. It is an exceptional, well-made product that carries effortlessly a lot of strength (up to 150 kg) while being lightweight (weighs 1.05kg). It is made from virgin polypropylene (PP) plastic integrally molded in the mold. This top-quality material makes this plastic stool safe for young kids as it does not contain harmful chemicals. It does also at the same time ensures its durability. In addition, it has an anti-slip feature: its non-skid footpad makes it slip-resistant and stable under heavyweights and not wobbly. Its design secures edging by making rounded corners to prevent it from scratching you. Just make sure to unfold it properly to prevent it from slipping. The stepping stool is easy to use. It doesn’t need any components to assemble; you can effortlessly open it with one hand when you fold it. It’s convenient to carry anywhere you want since it’s a step stool with a handle. You can even pick it up when you travel as if it were a small ladder. It requires very small space to store it at home, in the pantry, in the car, in a drawer, etc.


Different people call the foldable step stool in different ways

From different markets and countries, you can always find alternatives to name that amazing product. Indeed, it is called in different ways such as collapsible step stool, footstool, Toddler step stool kitchen step stool, folding stool, stool kitchen. Comparing with the step ladder, our step stool is one step only, the foldable step stool takes less space and can be folded in a blink of an eye. You can put it in your pantry, it’s lightweight and has a safety lock like a potty. Thanks to its loading capacity of 150kg, you’ll be able to achieve heavy duty like storing groceries on higher grounds. The plastic step is well made by Equipsafe with a lot of attention. This is why we developed strong cooperation with worldwide and leading brands such as ALDI, Walmart, Damart, Kikkerland.

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