Sanitizer Dispenser Application

Are you a restaurant or business owner that is sick of the restrictions that are blocking you to welcome your customers? This article will explain to you the application on where to put Sanitizer Dispenser.

So read carefully this article! We have some solutions for you!

At EQUIPSAFE, we are aware that since COVID-19 started, it became super complicated for many business owners worldwide as local regulations forced them to shut down and can’t let you exercise your work and fulfill the service you should do to your customers.

We believe it’s hard for you and you are checking every day the news to see finally when you can open back normally!

Sanitizer Dispenser Stand placed at the Cashier section

The Best Sanitizer Dispenser Application

Guess what? We are providing you tailored solutions for your business so you can open again and providing safe solutions for your customers or for your team! How awesome is that!

The Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser :

This product will allow anyone to clean their hands or sanitize them without any contact and make a super safe way to clean their hands!

Its solution is also touchless which is super clean for your users. If you don’t believe us, maybe you will trust Wikipedia.

Once the sensor is active, it will automatically discharge hand sanitizer, soap dispenser, or alcohol disinfectant to the hand of whoever uses which makes it effortless and a contactless solution!

We advise you to place several dispensers alongside your business in order to cover the maximum area where there is traffic and people.

Sanitizer Dispenser Placed in the hall of a supermarket

You could place sanitizer dispensers mounted on their stands at:

  • The entrance of your business so you can encourage anyone that gets in to sanitize their hands before manipulating anything inside your shop
  • At the cashier as before checking out, to minimize hazard between two people
  • In the toilet, so they can clean their hands safely after doing their business
  • In different halls where user will manipulate stuff or where there will interaction between people.

Where to place it in your office?

At EQUIPSAFE, we personally place those same dispensers in those areas:

  • In the toilet (Mandatory)
  • At the entrance of each department (Open Space, Production Area, Financial Department and so on

That way, we can be sure that when our colleagues are working their brains together they are doing it with clean hands and in respect of the safety measures. 

It’s never been that easy to clean your hands!

Our dispensers are easy to use, light to manipulate so you can always put them where they are most needed.

This extra value will bring you good sympathy from your customers and they will be happy to shop at your place in great conditions!

As at EQUIPSAFE, we care about a lot of business owners, here is another package we made only and just for you:


That great package will include safety products for you and your own personals:

For your customers :

  • 10 boxes of 3ply mask (500 surgical mask in total)

For your personal :

  • 1 Infrared thermometer (to test anyone entering your shop)
  • 5 boxes of Nitriles Gloves (50 pairs in total to ensure effective works from your workers)
  • 50 boxes of FFP2 Masks ( 1000 masks in total)
  • 10 Face Shield
  • 10 Disposable Gown to remain safe no matter what!

Real Deal for Sanitizer Dispenser Application

As COVID-19 times are rough, we are giving a 20% discount on that package until Late 2021! Get your quotation by mailing us at now!

Your dedicated EQUIPSAFE Team!

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