N95 Face Mask


Application :

  • Disposable mask for a single-use only (Wearing time depends on the environment exposed)
  • Breathable, light with selected materials to ensure a great filtration system
  • High elasticity of the ear loop to provide comfort for the user and ensure a secure seal while wearing it.
  • Adjustable Nose piece for extra comfort and better seal effect
  • At Least 95% filtration efficiency guaranteed against certain non-oil based particles
  • To keep you safe from : dust, pollutions, particles, virus and airborne disease
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Instructions for use N95 Face Mask

In this paragraph, I will introduce the KN95 face mask difference. At first, the instructions for use of N95 face masks are different from one mask to another, depending on the product that you’re using. Secondly, the shape of the mask will determine the way to use it as well. Thirdly, the using time isn’t the same for all types of masks, the most important is to make sure you read the instructions carefully, before wearing a civil protective mask.

Moreover, it’s mandatory that you clean your hands before touching the mask. You can either wash them, whenever possible or use a liquid sanitizer. Make sure to cover both your mouth and your nose while putting on any mask.

In conclusion, everyone needs to wear a face mask, whether you’re a doctor, working in a hospital to save the patients, or you’re a civilian trying to protect yourself and your loved ones wearing a mask has become a must for all of us.

Our Mask

Our masks are made according to international quality standards and provide maximum protection in different situations.

Equipsafe offers 4 types of Civil Protective Masks:

Firstly FFP1 – Disposable Mask: The disposable mask is very light. It weighs 3.3 g and has 3 layers of protection.

Secondly Filtering Half Mask – FFP2: This mask is certified CE NB0086 & CNAS & FDA. It weighs 7 g and offers excellent protection with its 5 layers.

Thirdly N95 Face Mask: This mask is NIOSH certified. it weighs 8.8 g and has 5 layers of protection.

Fourth KN95 Face Mask: KN95 has 5 layers of protection and guarantees filtration efficiency >= 95%. This mask weighs 8.8 g.


Product Category: Personal Protective Equipment

Equipafe Series: Live Safe

Certification: NIOSH TEB-APR-STP-0003

Utilization Type: Disposable, One time use

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency: >95%

Fitting for: Adults

Product Color: White (Black color on demand)


* 4 layers of Raw material

  • 50gsm of non-woven fabrics
  • 25gsm PFE 99% of melt-blown fabric
  • 50gms of Strengthen fine dust filtration
  • 25 gsm direct contact skin layer

*We can add one layer to make it 5 layers:

  • Adding an inner layer of 25gsm PFE 99% of melt-blown fabric

The most important is to choose a good brand.

Confortable Ear Loop

High BFE > 95%

Manufacturer on the White List

N95 Face Mask (OEM Production)

Product Personalization: YES – We can make a mask at the color of your brand or company. We can also add some special marking or print to have a very personalized face mask.

Inner Box Personalization: YES – Our design team can work along your designer to provide the best artwork and to make a great looking packaging to be placed and viewed by everyone once placed on shelf. Possible from an order from 120 000 pcs only.

Manual and Guide Personalization: YES – Our technical team can confirm with your team essential information to be listed on the manual and guide. We will work with your team in order to make it done in your own language. Possible from an order from 120 000 pcs only

Master Carton Personalization: YES – Do you want to make more visibility for your brand? We can work out a personalized design for the master carton. It can be colorful or plain carton. Possible from an order from 500 000 pcs only.

Face Mask N95 for protection against Covid-19

Personal protection is required to decrease contamination from serious diseases, such as Covid-19. N95 face mask is highly recommended, and also mandatory in some countries.

What is an N95 mask?

Like the FFP2 mask, the European standard, the N95 face mask is a respiratory protective equipment, used to protect against the spread of Covid-19. It is a mask respirator that meets the N95 classification established by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) for air filtration. Wearing this self-contained breathing apparatus allows a person to protect themselves from airborne particles that can be contaminated with Covid-19. The protection of the face from these aerosols possibly filled with germs and viruses reduces the number of infected people, and therefore the transmission of Covid-19.

The norms and standards of an N95 mask

According to NIOSH, an N95 face mask must filter at least 95% of airborne particles. This standard requires that the mask be marked with the text “NIOSH” or the logo of the organization, as well as the filter class, namely “N95”. The product must also contain an approval number listed on the NIOSH Certified Equipment List (CEL) or the NIOSH Trusted-Source page.

Originally designed for industrial use, N95 face mask is effective as protection against nanoparticles. In the USA, the wearing of these masks is required for healthcare workers. Indeed, surgical masks provide a barrier against droplets and not airborne particles like viruses, unlike the N95 respirator. Therefore, their wearing is strongly recommended for maximum protection. In fact, several countries have made the wearing of N95 face mask in public places, on buses, trains or taxis, mandatory, like Germany.

How to use an N95 mask?

For effective use and optimal protection against Covid-19, the wearer should follow these recommendations for using N95 face mask:

• It is advisable to shave your face before putting on the mask because the beard can prevent proper coverage of the nose and mouth, resulting in potential contamination;
• Hands should be washed with soap or hydroalcoholic gel before using the mask to avoid contaminating it;
• The mask should be placed so that it covers well the nose, mouth and chin;
• The mask must be repositioned to ensure that it actually protects the face;
• Avoid touching the mask. Removing it should be done on the straps without touching the front part;
• For precaution, it is recommended to dispose of the mask in a safe place;
• Hands should be washed properly after removing the mask;
• The N95 face mask is a disposable mask and should not be worn for more than 8 hours per day;
• It is essential to change your mask if it is dirty or wet.

Equipsafe N95 masks

We offer quality N95 face masks, certified and conform with American standards. Our approved respirator is molded by fusion blow. It is made from a fine mesh of synthetic polymer fibers, including polypropylene fabric, for maximum breathing protection. The internal filtration layer filters out hazardous particles with a rate of 95%. Our product protects you from airborne particles as well as gases. It also offers protection against dust. In addition, our N95 face mask has an ergonomic shape and an adjustable nose bar, allowing them to be adapted to any face morphology.

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