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33 Quart (32 Liter) Collapsible Storage Crate


  • Adopt the design of pin shaft, High Bearing capacity single box, stacking 5 layers without deformation;
  • New PP material production; Meet the requirements of food-grade packaging; Can be safely used;
  • Multi-color optional, colorful, multi-color combination, color patchwork;
  • Plastic reinforcement design with stiffener increase load-bearing capacity; Labelling available;
  • The handle is smooth and free from pinching, handling without pressure;
  • Can save space of two-thirds after folding


With the rise of the storage style, let’s take a look at this beautiful and Collapsible Crate with handles, it can meet the needs of different users.

Open size:46.6*34.4*23.7cm

Close size:38*36*8cm

Unit Weight:1.3kg




Customize MOQ:5000pcs



Family Giants Pack Treasure Box

First, many friends come to my house and ask what the box hidden in the corner is for.

Secondly, this collapsible crate with handles has a large capacity but does not take up any space. It is a treasure box to store idle items in the family!

Thirdly, the opening and closing are very smooth, and there is no resistance, and the workmanship of the big brand is really trustworthy.

Usually, you don’t need to put it in the corner like this, it doesn’t take up any space at all. It can be folded up when it is not in use, and it is only a dozen centimeters after being folded, and any gap can be filled.

Good helper for car trunks box looks big, but it’s not bulky at all

Don’t worry about not being able to get in the car, a girl can easily take it on and off. Moreover, tiled items will cover the entire trunk at once, bumps, brakes, etc. will also make various noises when driving, which will affect the concentration of driving, which is very unsafe. With the collapsible crate with handles, the contents in the trunk can be obedient, and the large capacity can make the items in the car neatly arranged in the box. After finishing, it can save you at least 60% of the trunk space. It can be folded in five seconds when not in use. Above all, life tips to share if you drive an SUV like me, sometimes the car wash can’t reach the roof. You can use this folding box as a “step stool”, which can bear a weight of 50 kg.

This Collapsible crate is to be used in the following environment:

  • Shopping
  • Storage
  • Picnic
  • Truck
Application Crate

In order to put your crate properly and in the best conditions, please follow the video below:

The crates from EQUIPSAFE are reusable.

After using, you can use water to clean it.

It is not advised to expose the crate to sun exposition in summer for a too long time

You need to rinse out any food and liquids (other than water) from the crates before you can put them in the bin. If the crate isn’t clean, it could contaminate an entire load of plastics, causing the recycling center to send the entire batch to a landfill.

recycle ways

Easy Fold&Storage

Colors Available – Red/Yellow/Green

3 Sizes Available – 32L/46L/62L

33 Quart (32 Liter) Collapsible Storage Crate (OEM Production)

Customized color:5000pcs

Customized Logo: Yes

Change the design: Yes, please provide the 3D designs

If you …

1. Are looking for OEM/ODM manufacturers in this industry.

2. Need someone that can produce what you want and have a custom design printed to your specification.

Then our OEM/ODM service is for you!


Health & Safety products welcome to Equipsafe factory

+150 References CE & FDA certified

+10 000 products produced every week

Weekly delivery to USA & Europe

Own Research and development Lab

Payment possible in several currencies

Warehousing solutions in Europe & USA

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