3ply Face Mask Civil Protective Masks


Non-Medical protective Face masks.

Surgical and Medical versions can be produced on demand.

Category: FFP1

Quantity per carton: 2000 pcs

Colors Available: Blue and white

Daily Production Capacity of : 1 Million pieces


Civil Protective Masks 

In order to limit the spread of the coronavirus, we need to own responsibility as a community and work together to minimize the amount of contamination. Therefore, everyone needs to wear a Civil Protective Masks, whether you’re a doctor, working in a hospital to save the patients, or you’re a civilian trying to protect yourself and your loved ones wearing a mask has become a must for all of us.

However, for those who are not working in the healthcare industry, wearing a medical mask isn’t necessary. There are actually specific masks for them,  to protect them while they breathe.

What is a Civil Protective Mask?

A civil protective mask is a type of mask that people can wear during their daily activities, while they are outside of their homes. It’s a different kind of masks, compared to the medical ones that are worn inside of hospitals. There are different types of Civil Protective Mask, depending on the material that they are made of and also depending on their shapes. Civil Protective masks may also be different when it comes to the layers of protection for every type. Even Though they’re not used by medical staff, it’s important to understand the difference between them in order to choose the type of mask that answers your needs.

The standards for an effective civil protective mask

When wearing a mask, it should cover the area of the mouth and the nose, to prevent any contaminant germs from entering the body. It should fit the face of the person wearing it to provide maximum protection. All types of masks have ear loops to hold the mask on the face while moving.

Another standard for evaluating the quality of a mask is the material that it’s made of. Since the mask is going to be in direct contact with the face as we breathe, it is crucial that it doesn’t have any smell, and that it doesn’t contain any products that might cause allergies for sensitive skin. Basically, the civil protective masks should not contain any harmful substance.

Instructions for use

The instructions for use of civil protective masks are different from one mask to another, depending on the product that you’re using. The shape of the mask will determine the way to use it as well. Also, the using time isn’t the same for all types of masks, so make sure you read the instructions carefully, before wearing a civil protective mask.

It’s mandatory that you clean your hands before touching the mask. You can either wash them, whenever possible or use a liquid sanitizer. Make sure to cover both your mouth and your nose while putting on any mask.

Our Civil Protective Masks

Our masks are made according to international quality standards and provide maximum protection in different situations.

Equipsafe offers 4 types of Civil Protective Masks:

    • FFP1 – Disposable Mask: The disposable mask is very light. It weighs 3.3 g and has 3 layers of protection.
    • Filtering Half Mask – FFP2: This mask is certified CE NB0086 & CNAS & FDA. It weighs 7 g and offers excellent protection with its 5 layers.
    • N95 Face Mask: This mask is NIOSH certified. it weighs 8.8 g and has 5 layers of protection.
    • KN95 Face Mask: KN95 has 5 layers of protection and guarantees filtration efficiency >= 95%. This mask weighs 8.8 g.

  • Weight: 3.3 g
  • Size (Adults): 17.5 x 9.5 cm
  • Color: Blue
  • Certification: CE & FDA
  • Material: 3 ply composition
    • 1st ply: soft non-woven polypropylene
    • 2nd ply: soft non-woven polypropylene
    • 3rd ply: soft non-woven polypropylene
  • Features:
    • High BFE / PFE
    • 3 ply material
    • Elastic earloop / Adjustable nose piece
  • Application: Indoor / Outdoor
  • Packing method:
    • Individual bag
    • Inner box
    • Outer carton
  • Using time: 24 h after maximum


Confortable Ear Loop

High BFE > 70%

Light Solution

3ply Face Mask Civil Protective Masks (OEM Production)

Product Personalization: YES

Inner Box Personalization: YES

Manual and Guide Personalization: YES

Master Carton Personalization: YES

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+150 References CE & FDA certified

+10 000 products produced every week

Weekly delivery to USA & Europe

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