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Anti-slip boot shoe mat tray plastic boot tray


  • MULTI-USE TRAY: Our tray can be used for anything such as a boot/shoe mat, dog food mat, mud mat for shoes, snow floor mat, cat litter mat, and much more
  • DURABLE: Our mat trays are designed to be highly durable and constructed from durable polypropylene.
  • MADE FROM RECYCLABLE MATERIAL: Our mats are made from 100% recycled polypropylene. We use recycled materials to benefit the environment and to reduce our carbon footprint. We believe in making the world a better place for everyone.


Boot Tray

The rubber boot tray is made of 100% recycled polypropylene. therefore, it is durable enough to handle daily exposure to water and dirt. Most importantly, it can protect both your flooring and the earth. In addition, the high raised edge-1.2 inches can make sure that dirt and water stay on the mat


Firstly safe and durable: Our boot tray uses good materials. In other words, all materials are environment-friendly. In addition, The surface is very durable with low maintenance.

Secondly Convenience: Most importantly, boot trays are extremely convenient. People can customize them in different sizes. People can move it anywhere they want.

Thirdly Good helper at home: Moreover, Our sturdy tray can protect your flooring because it has a place for wet shoes to dry, mud to fall. It will hold all the dirt, mud, and debris from all kinds of footwear. The excellent feature lets you feel clean.

Fourthly Versatility Multi-functional design:For instance, We can use them for Boots, Shoes, Paint, Pets, gardens, Laundry, Kitchen, Pantry, Car, Entryway, Garage, Mudroom. Indoor-Outdoor Storage and Floor Protection. Similarly, can use as Cat Litter Mat or Dog Feeding Mat. In conclusion, they Suits for Indoor and Outdoor in all seasons.

Fifty easy to clean and maintenance: For instance, cleaning staff can simply spray with a hose to clean. and we can also use water to wash directly and then allow it to air dry. In addition, you do not need to worry about accidentally tracking dirt and water through the house. The tray will help contain messes from everyday dirt, pet bowls, cat litter boxes, potted plants, or paint cans.

Item No. :50200512

MATERIAL: Polyethylene

COLOUR: As picture

Size: 1 Pair , 3 pair 

Features: waterproof, anti-slip, washable, easy to clean

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS & Weight : 450g , 75.5*38*3cm

PACKAGING:45pcs/ CTN GW/CTN: 21kg. CTN Size: 910*390*450mm

The entrance is a very important part for home,public building. Therefore, in addition to seeking harmony with the environment, it must also fulfill a practical and functional mission, it must protect from dirt that passes from the outside

Outside there are several elements that attack the interior of a property:

Solid dirt in the form of pebbles, mud, coarse dust.

Fine dirt, fine dust, grit.

Wet dirt, rain water.

To solve these problems, Equipsafe creates different models and different finishes:

Aluminum profiles with insert nylon or Polyethylene to retain solid dirt.

Aluminum profiles with insert textile to stop the passage of fine dirt and humidity.

Wide application :Home, garden, commercial and domestic applications such as office buildings,

It keeps your entrance area and your entire house hygienic and clean, which gives good first impressions.

Equipsafe Aluminum doormat application

Free of Installation, just put on the front gate of your home and office.

Easy to Maintenance

Use water to wash (its washable)

Use broom to collect dust under mat.

Use vacuum to collect dust on mat surface

Equipsafe Aluminum doormat maintenance




Anti-slip boot shoe mat tray plastic boot tray (OEM Production)

Can Customize your own design& Color

Steps to create your own products :

Idea Stage (2-4days): bring us your 2D / 3D design, or tell us your product idea, our 3D designer can design a drawing for you.

Drawing Stage(1-2days): Our engineer will check the 3D drawing and provide technical suggestions and modify the drawing for your confirmation.

Prototype Stage (5-7days): We quote the Prototype cost for your evaluation. After you pay the Prototype fee. We will proceed to create your 3d printed prototype.

Prototype evaluation&modify Stage(10-15days): We send you a prototype for checking, and modify with your feedback. Until you confirm the Prototype, we will proceed with Mold.

Mold Stage(30-35 days): We quote Mold Cost based on the prototype you confirm and quote product mass production cost for your evaluation. After you pay the Mold fee. We will proceed with Molding.

Trial Order Stage( 14-20days): After Mold is done, we will make trial order products based on the Mold for your evaluation. We can modify the mold if you want to do some modification.

Mass production Stage: After you confirm trial order products, We will proceed with Mass production with your packing requirement.


Health & Safety products welcome to Equipsafe factory

+150 References CE & FDA certified

+10 000 products produced every week

Weekly delivery to USA & Europe

Own Research and development Lab

Payment possible in several currencies

Warehousing solutions in Europe & USA

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