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Fold-Down Baby Changing Diaper Station


  • 01 European design
  • 02 Durable
  • 03 Waterproof/Anti-corrosion/Durable
  • 04 Easy to install
  • 05 Safe loading capacity
  • 06 Long life service
  • 07 Competitive price in high quality
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  • Model Number:50500068
  • Material: HDPE antibacterial material
  • Customization available
  • Space-saving, anti-slip
  • With hygienic seat
  • Scratch-resistant surface with antibacterial protection
  • Loading capacity permitted: 200kgs
  • Supplied with fixing concealed screws and plugs
  • Easy installation or dismantling

It can be dangerous for some of us to step in and out of a bathtub because of those tub walls and dangerous surfaces. Folding shower seats allow persons to sit in comfort and shower without having to maneuver and take a chance of slipping. Therefore, shower seat is widely used for home washroom, public toilet, nursing apartment, elderly care center.

Equipsafe Shower Seat application

Easy to Install

Package with detailed manual and necessary accessory

Secured to the wall, this folding wall-mounted bath seat makes transferring to and from a wheelchair and bathing safe and easy. They offer stability and conveniently fold up against the wall and lock in the upright position when not in use

Important points:

Find the mounting holes.
Making sure your folding shower seat is where you want it and the most important level.
Mark the hole locations once the desired location is determined.
Drill pilot hole through the tile in each mounting location.
When complete, ensure the wall is clear of any damage.
Secure the shower seat to the wall
Installation is complete – Test your seat to make sure it is secure

Easy to Maintenance

Use water to wash (its washable)

Maintenance free, light in weight yet heavy on performance



Easy to install

Fold-Down Baby Changing Diaper Station (OEM Production)

Can Customize your own design

Steps to create your own products :

Idea Stage (2-4days): bring us your 2D / 3D design, or tell us your product idea, our 3D designer can design a drawing for you.

Drawing Stage(1-2days): Our engineer will check the 3D drawing and provide technical suggestions and modify the drawing for your confirmation.

Prototype Stage (5-7days): We quote the Prototype cost for your evaluation. After you pay the Prototype fee. We will proceed to create your 3d printed prototype.

Prototype evaluation&modify Stage(10-15days): We send you a prototype for checking, and modify with your feedback. Until you confirm the Prototype, we will proceed with Mold.

Mold Stage(30-35 days): We quote Mold Cost based on the prototype you confirm and quote product mass production cost for your evaluation. After you pay the Mold fee. We will proceed with Molding.

Trial Order Stage( 14-20days): After Mold is done, we will make trial order products based on the Mold for your evaluation. We can modify the mold if you want to do some modification.

Mass production Stage: After you confirm trial order products, We will proceed with Mass production with your packing requirement.

Health & Safety products welcome to Equipsafe factory

+150 References CE & FDA certified

+10 000 products produced every week

Weekly delivery to USA & Europe

Own Research and development Lab

Payment possible in several currencies

Warehousing solutions in Europe & USA

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