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Sanitizer Dispenser on Desktop



This set includes :

EQU52001 Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser +

EQU52022 Desktop Standing

    1. A touchless solution to provide you the safest solution to sanitize and clean your hands
    2. Work on A/C (4 x C Batteries) or D/C battery (DC plug is optional)
    3. 3 Heads pumps solution easy to switch and use :
      • Gel Head for Hand Sanitizer Gel
      • Spray Head for Liquid sanitizer or alcohol disinfectant and Foam Head for Liquid soap to be turned into foam
    1. Smooth Discharge by its Automatic Induction
    2. Handle to carry it and move it easily
    3.  Light and convenient to carry around
    4. Pay 1 USD for one extra head
    5. Pay 2 USD for the DC plug


What is an Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser Desktop Version?

An Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser Desktop Version is a device. People usually use it in public spaces to assure hand hygiene. It relies on motion detectors to sense when someone puts his hands under the dispenser. Therefore it could automatically release a specific amount of sanitizer. This feature guarantees that everyone uses the same amount of sanitizer. Besides, it doesn’t require touching the dispenser with your hands.

The standards for an effective Sanitizer Dispenser

There are plenty of Automatic Hand Sanitizer dispensers in the market, but not all of them respect the safety standards and guarantee hand hygiene. In order to say that an Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser is effective. Most importantly It needs to have certain requirements: Firstly the material that’s made of, secondly the isolation mechanism (to avoid any contact with the liquid inside of it that can lead to contamination), thirdly the efficiency of the sensors (how much time does it take between putting your hand and releasing the product), fourthly it needs to be sealed correctly to avoid any leakage of the product that’s inside of it.

Firstly: Please clean the dispenser by a dry towel only.
Secondly: Use only fresh new liquid or foam soap and clean the soap container properly before each refill.
Thirdly. Do not expose to the sunlight.
Fourthly: Please take out the battery and pour out soap when not use
Fifty: Ensure no bright source at the sensor from below. In conclusion: Easy Maintenance

Technical specification of Sanitizer Dispenser on Desktop :

Product Category:  Sanitizer & Soap Dispenser

Equipsafe Series: Live Safe

Mounting Type: Mountable on Desktop or Table Standing

Sensor Mode: Automatic Induction (Infra-Red Sensor)

Battery Type: 4 x C Batteries (Can be used at least 30 000 times)

Suitable for: Hand Sanitizer Gel, Liquid Soap, and Alcohol Disinfectant

Tank size (Filling Capacity): 1 Liter

Discharge amount: 1.2ml per discharge

Automatic Dispenser Color: White & Black (Other colors on demand)

Desktop Standing Color: Black (powder coating)

Material: ABS+PC for the dispenser, Steel for the floor-standing

Finishing: Matte

Height: 45 cm

Width: 30 cm

Depth: 15 cm
Weight: 6 kg

Certifications & Standards: CE, EMC, FCC

Guarantee: 2 Years

Packing Information:

  • Individual packing: 29 x 13 x 10.5 cm (For the dispenser only)
  • Master packing: 51 x 44 x 33 cm (4 pcs per box) – 15 kgs
In conclusion,Characteristics of the Sanitizer Dispenser on Desktop


1. Automatic foaming, clean, and no residue. In Conclusion, The foam is not easy to fall, rich and delicate, and easy to rinse without residue.

2. In addition to hand sanitizer, the automatic soap dispenser can also use various viscous liquids such as detergent, disinfectant, sunscreen oil, shower gel, facial cleanser, etc. The liquid can be poured directly into the soap dispenser or diluted and poured into it. The scope of application is very wide.

3. For instance The appearance of the soap dispenser is exquisite and compact, saving space, and the simple design is beautiful and generous, making it an exquisite household item.

4.  In addition The automatic soap dispenser has a built-in alkaline battery, which has strong endurance, energy-saving, and environmental protection, and it can also be charged through the USB interface.

Suitable to use for private use:

  • Inside the house
  • To protect your entire family and friends

Suitable for public use :

  • Company
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Transportation Hub
  • A place with a lot of traffic

Very easy to set up: Less than 3 min for everything.

  1. Open the box and use the opening key to open the dispenser outer shell from the top
  2. Place the head required (Gel, Spray, or Foam) under the tank then fill the tank with the solution required. Mostly the liquid to fill depend on the head-mounted
  3. Either place 4 batteries in the battery compartment or use the DC plug to input power
  4. Try out few dispenses to get the liquid discharge from the pumps (Might take 5-10 discharges until liquid is pumped out
  5. Place your hand under and sanitize your hands!

The step to maintain your sanitizer dispenser is to:

  1. Fill out the tank when it runs out of liquid (or refill at any time). You can as well remove it easily to clean it with water and soap solution or chemical solutions)
  2. If the dispenser runs out of battery, you can easily change the C batteries by acceding the compartment
  3. If the head or the pump is obstructed, you can easily remove it and then use tap water to clean it and clear it out
  4. Each component (except the motor) can be easily removed for maintenance and cleaning. If you’re unsure, contact our After Sales services to have our experts’ advice.

If the dispensers stop working within 2 years, please contact our after-sales services as they are 2 years guaranteed from receiving date.

If the sanitizer dispenser is broken due to a fall or malfunction and that you need to dispose of it please follow these steps:

  1. Open the sanitizer dispenser with the opening key and disassemble each component one by one
  2. Make sure the tank is empty before throwing the tank
  3. All the parts and components made out of plastic could be thrown inside a recyclable box except batteries (If there is any) and the motor part)
  4. If you are unsure about something, please feel free to contact our after-sales service to dispose properly of the sanitizer dispenser.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

35 000 Discharges per Cycle

Touchless Clean Solution

Sanitizer Dispenser on Desktop (OEM Production)


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Product Personalization: YES – We can make a dispenser at the color of your brand or company. We can also add create a completely new item for you and create a designed dispenser.

Inner Box Personalization: YES – Our design team can work with your designer to provide the best artwork and to make great-looking packaging to be placed and viewed by everyone once placed on a shelf. Possible from order from 10 000 pcs only.

Manual and Guide Personalization: YES – Our technical team can confirm with your team essential information to be listed on the manual and guide. We will work with your team in order to make it done in your own language. Possible from order from 10 000 pcs only

Master Carton Personalization: YES – Do you want to make more visibility for your brand? We can work out a personalized design for the master carton. It can be colorful or plain carton. Possible from order from 10 000pcs only.

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