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Angled Grab Bar White RAL 9010


  • 01 European design
  • 02 Sustainable Material
  • 03 Waterproof product/Anti-corrosion coating /Durable material
  • 04 Convenient to set-up
  • 05 Loading capacity tested
  • 06 Long lifetime product
  • 07 High-quality product


  • Equipsafe Product Number:50200390
  • Material:PA6+SS201 OR ABS+SS201
  • Customization on demand and available starting 500 pcs
  • Practical design, anti-slip and grip texture
  • Scratch-resistant surface with antibacterial protection
  • Loading capacity permitted: 150kgs
  • Supplied with fixing concealed screws and plugs
  • Easy installation or dismantling

The grab bar is to be used in the following environment:

  • Toilet in Public Place
  • Toilet in Museum
  • Toilet in office
  • Bathroom in a public place
  • Bathroom in Hospital
  • Education Center
  • Transportation Hub

In order to put the grab bar properly and in the best conditions, please follow the video below:

The grab bars from EQUIPSAFE have a loading capacity from 20kgs to 60kgs.

Our internal testing lab have shown the bars can be used for more than 5 years

After using, you can use water to clean it.

1. Reuse before recycling stainless steel or aluminum waste. Clean and reuse aluminum. Donate or sell stainless steel products. Recycle only as a last resort, when objects outlive their usefulness.

2.Contact your local solid waste authority if the curbside collection is not available in your area, and identify the location of the nearest central collection facility.



Easy to install

Angled Grab Bar White RAL 9010 (OEM Production)

Can Customize your own design

Steps to create your own products :

Idea Stage (2-4days): bring us your 2D / 3D design, or tell us your product idea, our 3D designer can design a drawing for you.

Drawing Stage(1-2days): Our engineer will check the 3D drawing and provide technical suggestions and modify the drawing for your confirmation.

Prototype Stage (5-7days): We quote the Prototype cost for your evaluation. After you pay the Prototype fee. We will proceed to create your 3d printed prototype.

Prototype evaluation&modify Stage(10-15days): We send you a prototype for checking, and modify with your feedback. Until you confirm the Prototype, we will proceed with Mold.

Mold Stage(30-35 days): We quote Mold Cost based on the prototype you confirm and quote product mass production cost for your evaluation. After you pay the Mold fee. We will proceed with Molding.

Trial Order Stage( 14-20days): After Mold is done, we will make trial order products based on the Mold for your evaluation. We can modify the mold if you want to do some modification.

Mass production Stage: After you confirm trial order products, We will proceed with Mass production with your packing requirement.

Health & Safety products welcome to Equipsafe factory

+150 References CE & FDA certified

+10 000 products produced every week

Weekly delivery to USA & Europe

Own Research and development Lab

Payment possible in several currencies

Warehousing solutions in Europe & USA

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