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Plastic is a material that can be found all over the world in countless forms. However, as a raw material plastic has no shape and can only be used if it is subjected to certain specific steps by mold makers. In fact, plastic injection moulding is the most common method of mass manufacturing plastic products.  Although this technique is widely used in almost every country, China remains the injection molding mecca for those who need reliable injection molding manufacturing services. What characterizes plastic injection molding manufacturing in China is:

  1. Low cost since raw material, work force and charges just costs less in China.
  2. Record time: tens of thousands of pieces of a plastic product can be produced quickly and consistently.
  3. High quality: production lines are being revolutionized in China by a new wave of industrial technologies that make injection molding high-tech and exceptionally precise.

 This has made China the leading country in plastic injection molding.

Plastic Injection Area

How to make a Plastic Injection Mold

As an Iso9001 certified plastic parts producer and a machinery supplier, the core of our activity started with injection molds. Equipsafe is the brand for safety products that belongs to the IMTEC Group.

After completing our own design and cad files, we arranged the production of molds or tooling so we can get it produced for thermoplastic injection. We then learned to work more accurately in mold-making by working in closer relations with our molder or mold makers.

In principle, injection molding for mass production is simple: inject molten plastic materials into a mold cavity of an injection molding machine, let it cool to solidify the plastic, take out a plastic product and then repeat the same process as much as necessary. It sounds simple but in reality, injection molding is a more delicate and complex process. So, let’s take a deeper dive into this process by answering the question: How does plastic injection molding work in Equipsafe?

Plastic Injection China
Our plastic injection machines

Plastic Injection Molded Parts Manufactured by Equipsafe?

Equipsafe is a plastic injection molding manufacturer.  With many machines and services under one roof, CNC machining, 3d-printing, plastic injection molding, and more, they can produce your custom parts accurately and quickly from start to finish, from the product as an idea until it is delivered worldwide. Thus, prior to mass production, Equipsafe provides rapid prototyping services.

Our value-added in the plastics industry is our flexibility for custom molding combined with our injection machine floor that permits high volume production on an economical scale to provide costs-savings.

As an injection molding company, we daily work with various thermoplastics, polymer, elastomer, and silicone.

Our production process is orientated for product development thanks to our rapid injection techniques.

As we know that time-to-market is mandatory in today’s world, it’s our duty to provide you manufacturing solutions combined with assembly services until the warehousing solutions.

Developing a project with us assures you a one-stop solution with a service that includes it all!

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What is Rapid Prototyping?

After designing all the parts of the product, the next step is to create rapid prototypes to test the functionality of the product and optimize the design before going into mass production.

Prototyping Services at Equipsafe

At Equipsafe, designers transform the client’s idea or Equipsafe’s model into a computerized model of the two halves of the mold that will then be fabricated into steel. Then a rapid prototype is produced, which can provide feedback on the final product.  Based on this feedback, a decision will be made to either modify the design based on the customer’s additional ideas or to proceed to mass production.

Plastic Injection China- Rapid Prototyping
Our latest model of Grab bar developped

Injection Molding Process at Equipsafe

After the customer confirms the first prototype, the Equipsafe team will move on to trial and then mass production of the product through plastic molding injection. At Equipface, they do plastic injection using high-quality injection molding machines and the injection molding process goes like this: once the plastic pellets enter the barrel, they are heated and start to melt by the compression movement of the screw inside the injection molding machine. As the screw rotates, it moves the melted pellets to the front of the barrel. At this point, it stops turning and the material is injected into the mold to take the shape of the desired product. The plastic then solidifies by rapidly cooling the mold. The two cavities open to release the final product and then close to repeating the same process as many times as necessary. This is what injection molding at Equipsafe is all about.

Equipsafe Plastic Injection Products

Equipsafe provides injection molding services for two types of products:  live safe products and work safety products. For life safe type, the company produces automatic hand sanitizer dispensers in three versions: wall-mounted, floor-standing, and on desktop. It also uses plastic injection in producing soap caddies. In the context of work safe, injection molding is a turnkey solution for producing foldable steep stools and collapsible crates.

Assembly Lines
Our assembly lines

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