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Step by Step Guide for Product Creation

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KN95 - Face Mask - EQUIPSAFE
Our Strengths

Great Assistance and expertise

Ideas Stage

Around 2-4 days

Explain to our team your idea, your desire, and what you would like to create as for which function. It can start with a very sketch or drawings but of course if you have 2D drawings and 3D design ready. That will be much faster! You can also list your Bill of Material (BOM). If necessary our 3D designers can optimize or finalize the design to you

Drawing Stage

Around 1-2 Days

Our engineer will check 3D drawing and provide technical suggestions and modify drawing for your confirmation .

Children version of Dispenser

Prototype Stage

Around 5-7 Days

We will quote Prototype cost for your reference. We will then proceed to create your 3d printed prototype or we will use other techniques. After production, we will provide quality report and control.

Christmas Sanitizer Dispenser

Prototype Evalution & Modification Stage

Around 10-15 Days

We send you your prototypes for checking and first utilization. Then we will adjust it and modify it following your feedback. As soon as you confirm the final prototype, we can only move to the next stage

Mold Creation Stage

Mold Stage or Tooling Stage

Around 30-35 days

We quote Mold Cost based on the prototype you confirm and quote product mass production cost following your demand and requirements. We will select which steel is the most suitable for your project according to your quantity. Once you’re happy with the costs, we will proceed with Molding creation

Trial Order Stage

Around 14-20 days

After the Mold first version is done and ready, we will make the first test for a few hundred pieces based on the finalizing tooling. We can modify mold or make some last adjustments if you want to do some modification on the final product. Keep in mind that the modification needs to follow tooling rules and some modification will require a new tooling

Mass Production Stage

According to the quantity product

Once you confirm the trial order, we will proceed to products mass production where we will follow your entire requirement from components sourcing to assembly lines and to packaging requirements.

This will allow you to get a complete finalized product ready to be sold on your market

About our research and development team

With more than 15 Years of experience in product development, we have the capacity and knowledge to assist you all the way into your new product launching. Our designer’s experts will give you tips to get some cost reduction the production charge while our engineers will advise you the best materials and technique to achieve beyond your expectations

Our Advantages on Product Development


With more than 15 Years of Product development in several sectors, we can provide you a detailed assistance all the way


With our many years of experience, we master many technologies for the production of plastic parts and metal parts. We are able to adjust to what you need the most

Research Lab

We have our own research and development facility in house to prepare the products of the future

Competitive Price

With our production lines in China, we ensure you pricing at the best rates

All Integrated Supplier

Stop your headaches to coordinate your different suppliers. Get it all done in one stop and one with the project manager working on your account only.

Sourcing Team

Do you have special requirements or need to couple the products with some extras? We have a soucing team able to chase you the best components on the market

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