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Manufacturing services in China: The state of manufacturing is one way to take the pulse of a country. In China, manufacturing power has long been something of a legend. In fact, Chinese-made merchandise can be seen around the world from microchips to gigantic ships and from tiny mobiles to large automobiles. China supplies tons and tons of raw materials and finished goods overseas round-the-clock, and the watchword in all of this is efficiencies in manufacturing. That is to say, in China, whether you are looking for small orders of a product or thousands of pieces per day, the manufacturing companies and factories settled there to ensure your order fulfillment at the drop of a hat. This is due to the revolutionization of production lines and the optimization of manufacturing capabilities through new industrial technologies and automatic or semi-automatic machining.

Manufacturing Services in China

New products made in China:

China’s low prices and labor costs are what have given the country its competitive advantage worldwide. However, what has modernized manufacturing today is the replacement of labor with automation and robots. Nowadays, machines mostly handle repetitive processes while humans take care of creative work. The sheer speed that characterized Chinese manufacturing is now becoming speed combined with high quality. It is hardly surprising that China has become home to a number of prominent multinational firms specializing in many sectors such as textile, electronics, solar products (solar panels), etc. The skyline of its industrial cities is bristling with skyscrapers.

Manufacturing Services in China

For example, IMTEC Group, a manufacturing and service provider, is one of the companies that have benefited from China’s profitable production climate. Under the motto “Helping our customers grow,” the group strives to create energetic production solutions for a demanding market. As a result, we offer our customers a complete manufacturing cycle from conception to finishing product and from prototype to mass production. It produces over 4000 items under several brands to cover several industries. These brands are ANYKOOL, DOMEPCO, CUBILOX, and EQUIPSAFE.

Discover one of the IMTEC group production facility

Do you need to know how long does it take to create a new product? Access our guide for plastic-injection projects by clicking here

EQUIPSAFE: the safest equipment:

Equipsafe brand manufacture in China and has specialized in producing safety products since 2014. After the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, it becomes an urgent need and huge demand on its products such as disposable masks, hand sanitizer dispensers, etc. For instance, Equipsafe provides trusted manufacturing solutions to its client whose product starts as an idea and ends up in mass production exceeding 10,000 items every week.

Soap Dispenser by Equipsafe

  To clarify, the story most of the time starts with a simple idea or design from the client that a highly experienced Equipsafe engineer can rework for manufacturability and perform the quality control phase. Then after the fabrication of the prototype, the result may exceed the client’s expectations. After confirmation, the Equipsafe team moves on to the mass production of the complete and finalized product, fabricated with the highest quality, repeatability, and accuracy. The production process does not end here. Equipsafe‘s inventory and service network bring the bricks and mortar to the customers ’ doorsteps. In short, with strategic warehousing patterns, the client’s products are delivered to Europe, to the United States, and other countries, and are assured promptly shipment each week to the global market.

Manufacturing of EQUIPSAFE products:

EQUIPSAFE manufactures two types of quality products: live safe and work safely. They are manufactured with the primary goal of maintaining a safe and sanitary environment indoors and outdoors. Most of these products are plastic and metal products. 90% of them are 100% plastic and the rest are made of 70% plastic and 30% metal, like the automatic disinfectant dispenser. Other products are made from non-woven or melt-blown fabrics, such as protective masks.

Manufacturing Services in China

Our Manufacturing Services in China:

As a manufacturing company, Iso9001 certified, we present ourselves as a reliable partner for Product-development.

In other words, You can check on our mother company website the achievements from previous manufacturing services in China.

As explained earlier, our product manufacturing strategy does not limit itself to medical devices only.

Either you’re on small or high volume, we remain very flexible for OEM & ODM orders. We can provide you the complete package of design and manufacturing services.

In short, here is a non-exhaustive list of our contract manufacturing possibilities:

  • Product-design, Design engineering
  • Prototyping and Rapid-Prototyping in order to get visual prototypes and functional testing
  • Manufacturing process & Manufacturing operations :
    • CNC Machining
    • Molding & Tooling
    • Plastic Injection
    • Stamping
    • Forging
    • Die casting
    • Extrusion
    • And more from Manufacturing industry
  • Assembling lines & Complex assemblies
  • Sourcing of components and other materials
  • Supply-chain of your goods from our factory to market
  • Service Contract
  • After-sales support & Warranty

Our many possibilities, flexibility, and expertise is a real added value for your company and your customers!

Above all, do you have a project or your design wait for production? don’t hesitate to contact us, your new manufacturing partner! Mail us now at

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