Turning a KN95 Mask into a fashion product?

Anykool brand marketing team contacted us to make a customized KN95 Face Mask as their new accessory. They needed it to be launched during the Covid-19 pandemic to provide their customers a special product.

They came to us like: “We want our riders to keep enjoying being outside and being safe at the same time. We need to provide them quality protective equipment and immediately protective masks.” They wanted to provide a box of customized protective masks for each new electric scooter purchased.” Then they asked us: “Can your factory produce a purple KN95 Face mask? We know it could sound crazy. After all, we built our entire brand on that color so our accessories will always be in this very same color and style. As a matter of fact, this is mandatory for the project. We can’t provide simple or classic protective masks. What’s more, our customers must feel our difference in each product.” Obviously, when hearing that, we directly knew that Anykool representative wanted a special protective mask.

The Flexibility of the KN95 Standard

Unlike other face mask standards (Like FFP2, N95, or FFP3) the KN95 Face mask is more flexible than others due to the material available to produce it. As China produces the melt-blown fabric, it was very easy for us to contact our fabric supplier. Hence we ask him to pigment the material with the grade required for that project.

The Finalization of the Project

After all, we finalized all the details with them and launched our collaboration to supply them with their very news accessory. The first thing to remember is no one expected it but protective masks and particularly the KN95 Face mask became products of our daily routine. It became as usual as you are using an umbrella and a cap. You need to protect yourself when it’s required. What’s great with that customized mask is that everywhere you go, you won’t be unnoticed! That’s exactly what Anykool wanted to create here.

Have a look at their very customized KN95 Face mask and let us know in the comments. what do you think about it? Would you like to get one? Is the pink color too abusive for a face mask?

KN95 Customized Face Mask

The requirements to launch production for Customization

Would you like to get your very own respiratory product? You are a reseller of personal protective equipment or do you want to use that protective mask as a promotion item? There are a lot of advantages to creating your own model as our current pricing level is very competitive.

In terms of requirements, it is pretty simple:

  • Minimum order quantity of 200 000 pcs
    • Which is a very small investment (Our July price is currently at 0.05 USD per piece so we’re at 10 000 USD project here)
  • Need to provide artwork for Color Bag
    • We pack each mask individually to maximize safety measures
  • Artwork for the Inner box and the master carton
    • To get your very own KN95 Face Mask, it is better to make it 100% your style and design.

It’s very important for us to know the monthly or yearly needs of the delivery so we can arrange production accordingly. Even with a capacity of 500 000 KN95 face masks produced every day, timing is mandatory in today’s world.

Customized Safety Masks : For Which Application?

The KN95 face mask is the most affordable protective mask that protects you more and provides a better sealing function than a surgical mask. You could consider it “too heavy” or “too thick” to wear during hot summertime but it still guarantees better coverage and protection in crowded places. The standard KN95 stands for Civil protective mask and is only for one-time use and for a maximum wearing time of 6-15 hours (Recommended) according to the environmental context.

KN95 Face Mask Customized

Here is below a list (non-exhaustive) of all the areas you can use or promote customized KN95 Face Mask:

  • Promoting your brand of giving visibility to your customers with a daily routine product
  • Offers it as a corporate gift or equip all your staff/team with it for Company Identity
  • For a special event (marketing launch, sports events, cinema, etc…)
  • To use it as a goodie or to make gifts to your customers. To Begin with 1 product purchased –> A box of 20 Protective masks offered
  • For internal use: from the house to public place
  • For external use: With the current situation and the severe new variants, you better maximize your chance of protection. On this occasion wearing the mask is one of the easiest safety measures to maintain.
  • Consult our beloved team for more applications example!

Customized PPE or KN95 Mask made by EQUIPSAFE

As a manufacturer, we at EQUIPSAFE provide you one of the fastest services for product development. We highly invite you to consult our production guide on our website. You can follow this step-by-step guide. At this point, you will understand better how customization works.
If you’re ready to get started, you can send us a demand for a quotation right away. At last, you will feel our staff will take care of you like one of ours. That is the spirit of EQUIPSAFE: The Safest Equipment.

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