Interlocking Artificial Grass tiles

Why Interlocking artificial grass tiles are trendy? There is nothing more exhilarating than relaxing in a lush setting after a long day of work. It can give us a boost of energy and help us unwind. However, not all of us can have easy access to spaces surrounded by calm and greenery. And those of us who do have a green space of our own cannot enjoy it outside of the fine season. The problem is how to bring home a green space and how to keep the grass green. Equipsafe provides a solution to all these requirements and produces artificial turfs that allow a complete renovation of your flooring with ecologically friendly solutions.

Interlocking Artificial Grass tiles: What are they?

Equipsafe Interlocking Artificial Grass Tiles, also known as Outdoor Lawns or Synthetic Green Turfs, look like real grass. They are made of polypropylene (PP) reinforced with a polyethylene (PE) monofilament. They have the ability to transform any empty, worn-out space into a landscaped area in a matter of minutes not even hours. There is no need for skilled workers or specific tools to install the turf. All you need is to follow a few simple steps.

Interlocking Artificial Grass tiles
Convenient clipping systems to make any design you dream of

Tile installation steps

–      First, make sure of the size of the space per square foot you want to cover with Equipsafe artificial grass tiles. Based on the actual size, you will know exactly how many tiles you need to place. The dimension of each tile is 30*30*2.2-2.5 cm/piece.

–      The second step is to clip the connecting tabs of one tile with the corresponding slots of another tile. Then repeat this simple action for the rest of the tiles two by two and you will instantly get a new floor with aesthetic charm.

You can install them over many surfaces such as wood, cement, vinyl floor, soil, plaster, etc., and for different uses on crafts, wall coverings, carpeting, and in various places indoor and outdoor such as balconies, terraces, walkways, home gyms, play areas, etc.

 The interlocking tile has an anti-slip fake grass top layer that looks like real grass. The green color of the grass wouldn’t fade throughout the year. We would have sprung all year round. Even when exposed to harsh weather conditions such as heavy snow or pouring rain, Equipsafe grass tiles are mold and mildew resistant. They are built to withstand wear and tear over time as they can be dried easily thanks to their good drainage system. This means that you can enjoy the evening, for example, even if it has rained all day.

Interlocking Artificial Grass tiles

Equipsafe Interlocking Artificial Grass Tiles: Advantages

Installing Equipsafe interlocking tiles on your playground flooring surface, balcony, backyard, patio, etc. has many advantages. First of all, they provide pleasant and safe spaces for children to play on bare feet without fear of falling or getting hurt. The tiles are designed to absorb shock and withstand heavy traffic loads. They are made of soft materials that feel great underfoot. Second, they are environmentally friendly tiles. They are even more eco-friendly and economical than natural grass because they don’t require electricity or gas expenses to mow, nor do they require fertilizers and weed killers for the grass to grow. Equipsafe grass tiles are low maintenance, unlike natural grass which requires weekly mowing and regular watering. As for cleaning, simply pick up solid waste and leaves and the tiles are immediately clean.

Equipsafe Interlocking Artificial Grass Tiles: Features

Firstly, Equipsafe Interlocking Artificial Grass Tiles are recycled due to its material is environmentally friendly.

Secondly, easy to assemble by interlocking, no need for an extra adhesive.

Thirdly the artificial grass has a high density and waterproof will be not be fading. It also has drainage underneath so it’s non-slip.

Lastly, it has wide application for interlocking floor tiles, carpet tiles, decking tiles, decking tiles, outdoor flooring, rooftop, and outdoor patio deck.

Interlocking Artificial Grass tiles
Perfect for a classy and comfortable outdoor

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