Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Why do we need hand sanitizer dispensers? They were not popular at the beginning of the pandemic but they became essential in a world with Covid-19.

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers are now taking an important place in everyone’s life and it should be!

You know that one of the best ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus is to wash your hands In fact, your hands, up close, are anything but smooth and shiny. With their peaks and valleys, pores, and crevices, they offer plenty of places for pathogens to latch on. And then, by rubbing your nose or touching your face, the virus can infect you. However, just any soap, not primarily antibacterial hand soap, can maintain your hand hygiene and annihilate viruses like the coronavirus.

What are experts saying about that?

Doctors recommend thorough handwashing with soap and water or with waterless hand sanitizers whenever possible. Cleansing products should surround us to keep our hands clean. Since we cannot afford to have a bathroom sink and bar soap everywhere, hand sanitizers have become more convenient to use. With a high concentration of alcohol, such as ethyl-alcohol, hand sanitizers are the equivalent of an earthquake to the coronavirus, as its cell membrane collapses and its spike proteins crumble. For this reason, hand sanitizer dispensers are becoming indispensables everywhere: in kitchens, toilets, offices, hotels, etc.

What is a Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

A hand sanitizer dispenser is a device that can dispense a quantity of hand sanitizer, hand gel, liquid hand soap, or any other hand lotion used to clean hands. It can be automatic or manual. To prevent contact and eliminate the transmission of viruses and bacteria, many people opt for automatic hand sanitizers. Since it is a touchless device, it helps to maintain sanitary conditions. It is easy to use and you just need to place it in any area or corner to start using it.

How to Use them?

The automatic hand sanitizer does not require a touch mechanism or any physical contact with the dispenser. Simply pass your hand under the dispenser and wait for the nozzle to release the product. After activating the sensor, it delivers a standard amount of sanitary liquid. That is on average enough to clean both hands and get everywhere. Including your palms, fingertips, outsides of hands, and between fingers, to ensure an extra measure of protection. It provides an effortless cleaning experience and you’ll find yourself washing your hands more often throughout the day.

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers - How to use it
Place your hand under to activate

Our Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

At Equipsafe, we offer an Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser that ensures hygienic protection. We offer it in three mounting types:

  • Wall mounted: it provides an easy access to the window to see the liquid/gel level and adjust accordingly.
  • Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser Mounted on Floor Standing: It is adjustable in size from 75 cm to 125 cm and is convenient to carry around.
  • this dispenser is lightweight and convenient to carry everywhere.

 All of these dispensers provide a touchless solution for handwashing. They run on A/C (4 x C Batteries) or D/C battery (DC plug is optional) and all three have 3 head pumps each, easy to switch and use:

  • Gel head for hand sanitizer gel.
  • Spray head for liquid sanitizer or alcohol disinfectant and foam head for liquid soap to be turned into foam
3 heads are available for your dispenser

Our Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers are also suitable for a wide variety of liquids such as liquid soaps, disinfectants, antibacterial liquids, diluted gels, oil-based cleansers, etc. Each of their reservoirs can hold up to 1000 mL of liquid at a time, and you can refill them easily. They are also easy to clean and it is highly recommended to do so with dry towels only.

Can you use it as a Soap Dispenser?

Yes! You can definitely use this Automatic Dispenser as an Automatic Soap Dispenser for any hand washing purpose.

When using it as a foaming soap dispenser, we advise you to place it in the restroom or close to the kitchen sink. Because you have to rinse the foam soap on your hands, better to have access to water close to it.

Hand sanitizer dispensers
Wood collection can perfectly fit in the bathroom

You can fill the Soap Dispenser with Liquid soap of any brand or fragrance. Lotion soap made out of Aloe or Lavender (for example) can definitely be used as a cleanser and washes your hands of germs.

Again, that liquid soap dispenser limits the spread of germs thanks to its contactless solution. It can be dispensed either with hand soaps or instant hand sanitizer. They’re a great alternative to sanitizing wipes that you need to carry all day with you and that are disposable products.

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