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Yes, OEM service is in the core of our business. We can produce your item following your own design, size and others needs. We invite yo to send us a mail at sales@equipsafe.com to get a fast answer.

For the entire range of EQUIPSAFE Products, the warranty is valid for 2 Years starting the receiving date. Any malfunctionning on machines due to components dysfunction or corrupted parts will be replaced by a new item

We are the direct manufacturer of the entire EQUIPSAFE products as well as our new range of Personnal Protective Equipment and our Protective Face Mask. We have our own factory in Ningbo in China. It is located in the South of Shanghai on the east coast of the Middle Kingdom.

You won’t be able to order straight away from our website as it is only to present our products and our brand. However you can directly place your order by sending Purchase Order form directly to our sales team at sales@equipsafe.com where we will send you all further information regarding stock and payment

We are totally comfortable with it. We are working closely with you to fulfill all your requirements and will always do the necessary to serve you at best.

Regarding our EQUIPSAFE products, we provide free samples for most of it but we still ask our customer to bare the shipping fee. Is there any products that interest you? Ask to get some samples right away!

Firstly, contact us right away as soon as you have any concerns or questions on the product. Our after-sales team will closely analyses the matter and answers yuo with a solution while advising you the further step. You can be safe that any malfunction (proved by pictures/videos) on our items will be replaced with new ones sent at our own cost.

The IMTEC group regroup several brands that pursues different purpose for different activity.

Strong of our experience of more than 15 years into product development and production, our factory IMTEC made a name on the market due to our flexibility of production and technical knowledge about production. By serving mostly European in the first year of our activity, we also developed more and more customers in the American continent to serve our customer at what we do best: OEM Production and on-demand production.

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