customize your automatic sanitizer dispenser

Time to get more custom automatic sanitizer! Tired of seeing every automatic sanitizer dispenser looking the same? Coronavirus cross-contamination makes it urgent to control germs through proper handwashing with plenty of liquid soap and running water from faucets. Since soap and water are found exclusively in a restroom, washroom, kitchen, and bathroom, automatic hand sanitizers dispensers become a new guide to good hand hygiene by washing your hands without the need for water, antibacterial hand soap, wipes, disposable towels, and hand dryers.

customize your automatic sanitizer dispenser
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Each automatic soap dispenser is refillable with any lotion, not just hand soaps. You can refill the hand soap dispenser reservoir with any liquid hand cleaner, even those enriched with antimicrobial compounds or scented like lavender, flowers, etc., with or without lather. So whether you need waterless hand sanitizer dispensers in your office or at home, for personal use as a product of must-have bathroom accessories or for business, in small or large quantities, in mass production or retail, you need to find a reliable or trustworthy manufacturer. With so much at stake, such as the amount of money you’ll be investing, making the right choice has never been more crucial. Whether you have a design in mind or simply need a ready-made lotion dispenser doesn’t change the fact that you need to get the people who:

– Have the quality, expertise, and ability to create a successful product.

– Know how to work with the resources that make up your product

– Know how to assemble a certain type of product and are familiar with that field, while being affordable.

The daunting question is where and how to find the right manufacturer that meets these criteria. This choice can be the make-or-break of the product of your product. Equipsafe is on the ball with regard to these issues.

Equipsafe: Your Long-Term Healthy Choice:

At Equipsafe, in addition to manufacturing and buying products, they build relationships. They provide a mutually beneficial business relationship that results in opportunities and success for all parties involved. In addition, Equipsafe’s strength is that they have the ability to manufacture your touchless dispenser from start to finish, saving you a lot of time and effort in the long run. Equipsafe not only sells off-the-shelf liquid hand sanitizer dispensers but also produces custom dispensers to your preference.

Customize your automatic sanitizer dispenser color

Off-The-Shelf Sanitizer Dispenser:

Equipsafe provides a wide range of hands-free dispensers in-house: wall-mounted soap dispenser, table standing soap dispenser, and floor standing soap dispenser. However, they can customize their own sleek design to meet your needs. In this aspect, they offer a wide variety of services. You can choose the color (green, blue, bronze, etc.), logo, number of heads, accessories, soap container capacity, etc. of your handsfree dispenser. You don’t have to worry about your foam soap dispenser and its quality. At Equipsafe, they reliably produce items that are compliant with your requirements for quality, safety, and efficiency. All you have to do is think about what you want to add to your wish list.  You can also customize your logo and your dispenser will reflect your identity and give your brand visibility and a professional image. Choosing an Equipsafe design and customizing it has a high return on time investment and can improve your business.

Customize your packing
Customize your packaging at the image of your brand

Customized Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser:

When you have designed a cleanser dispenser and are trying to make it a tangible product, you need to determine who you want to partner with. You don’t need to learn the steps to manufacture a liquid soap dispenser or research the electronic dispensing system or understand the technical concepts of the infrared sensor. With Equipsafe, you are in good and, in this context, germ-free hands. They provide many manufacturing services:

– 3D printing

– CNC machining

– Molding and tooling

– Plastic injection

– Stamping

– Forging

– Die casting

heads for liquid drop
Add as much heads as you need per dispenser

And much more. Having all of these services under one roof ensures that you won’t miss any of the manufacturing requirements. You can ask them any question about manufacturing and you will find the right answer. They are well-equipped professionals who deal with the nitty-gritty about your design requirements. They can choose the right raw material for the dispenser, whether it’s plastic or metal, mold it into a particular shape, and assemble it to form the final product. In addition, they control the cost of your liquid hand soap dispenser, its quality, packaging, and shipping. At the end of the day, the automatic dispenser you’ve been dreaming about will arrive on your doorstep and you’ll get exactly what you paid for.

 The soap dispensers you make with Equipsafe will help people handwash regularly to stay healthy and prevent the spread of germs. In a word, business is meant to be about serving people.

How To Fill The Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser?

Since the apparition of the Covid-19 and the apparition of stronger viruses, this item became essential as a hygienic solution and started popping up in many public places. I’m pretty sure, many of you are now sanitizing your hands before getting to work. It became the faster alternative to kill germs and viruses without having to use soap or water. If you’d like to know more about how to set up your sanitizer dispenser and how to fill it, please check that video below:

Which Liquid Or Gel Fits Best?

You can use the dispenser for :

  • Sanitizing solutions
  • Handwashing solutions

That said, you are completely free to use Alcohol-based or non-alcohol-based liquid (including Ethanol) so you can rub your hands easily and with contactless solutions.

Start rubbing your hands with :

  • Liquid Sanitizer
  • Hand Sanitizer Gel
  • Soap Liquid
  • Soap Foam
  • and other cleaning solutions either liquid or gel

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