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KN95 - Face Mask - EQUIPSAFE
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We will provide you an agent package with sales and marketing material that will allows you to concentrate exclusively on your customers and on your sales.

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The Brand EQUIPSAFE is always creating new products and solution that will allows your customer to continiously receive new opportunities and nicer products. We develop the products ourselves and we are applying for several certifications for different market

We are providing you complete supports from our production to our after-sales services. Our team remain 100% available to answer your daily needs and requests.

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Equipsafe's Specialities

Here you’ll find the products that have made our name famous on a worldwide and competitive market

KN95 - Face Mask - EQUIPSAFE

Since COVID-19 started, they became mandatory to wear in many countries and protect yourself while on your daily duties

This fantastic machine has also entered into our routine at the entrance of public places but also from home. 

Those collapsible crates are so easy to use and so convenient either for moving or storing stuffs.

EQUIPSAFE's Advantages

We aim to bring assistance to the people that need to live alongside the virus. This persistence situation made the life complicated of many people. If we can make their life easier by using our products, it means we provide something useful and meaningful. Safe equipment shouldn’t come with an expensive amount of spending. We provide you the top quality with the safest equipment in a very competitive rate.

White List Supplier

We are one of the few masks manufacturer registered on the white list

Human Force

More than 200 Employees worldwild to serve you at best

Research Lab

We have our own research and development facility in house to prepare the products of the future

Competitive Price

With our production lines in China, we ensure you pricing at the best rates

All Integrated Supplier

Stop your headaches to coordinate your different supplier. Get it all done in one stop

Dedicated Team

Worldwide team available on many platforms and at your service to give you the best experience

What Customers are Saying

We are proud to announce that we have a customer satisfaction rate of more than 96% in the year 2020 and we are aiming for 100% for 2021!

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