Our Story

Since 2015

Ningbo Betterlife Household Products Co., Ltd. has been established in the year 2015 in Ningbo, in the south of Shanghai in China.

We created a technical office, which constantly develops by courtesy of its experienced staff. Cooperation with raw material producers brought experience and knowledge, new technology and design for the technical office, and the ability to generate suitable solutions for the complex problems of customers. From day one, we focused our development power on solutions to protect the final users. Due to the shortage of quality products on the market, it was our mission to provide the safest equipment in a timely manner.

That’s how our brand Equipsafe came out! This brand includes several categories from protective equipment products, shower & bathroom solutions as well as many products all manufactured  by Ningbo Betterlife Household Products Co., Ltd.

The Equipsafe Team
Equipsafe Team

Present Days

Today’s challenge are different :

We aim to bring assistance to the people that need to live alongside the virus. This persistence situation made the life complicated of many people. If we can make their life easier by using our products, it means we provide something useful and meaningful. Safe equipment shouldn’t come with an expensive amount of spending. We provide you the top quality with the safest equipment in a very competitive rate.

Core Values

We believe in our products that can bring and make a difference in a world suffering from one of the stronger sanitary crises: “The Covid-19”. We believe that different application has different problems so this is why we came out with two solutions:

  • LifeSafe: Protecting you in your daily life
  • WorkSafe: Protecting your working environment and solutions for remote work and business owners.

We believe that our innovation and research will help out many to overcome the crisis that is touching everyone on the globe.

Our Motivations

Our motivations come from our customer’s feedback. Once we see what they could do and do again thanks to our products, it shows us that we made their daily life a bit easier than it used to be. We cannot claim to be savers but seeing them enjoying life again is a huge SOURCE of motivation.

“Knowing that I can make a difference and helping people out motivate me to provide the best customer experience to my entire network. We have overcome most of the hard crisis on our side so it is my duty to help my customer to get back to life and get back to work with the safest equipment.”