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We are Equipsafe®. As the safest equipment provider, we selected equipment for the bathroom coupled with our manufacturing services to give you complete freedom between ODM and OEM manufacturing.

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Health & Safety products Manufacturer & developer

Producing Safety Products since 2014, We are aware that since Covid-19, life became harder and the restrictions have made it complicated for everyone to adapt to live in a completely changed environment.

Then during early 2020, we directly suffered from the lack of PPE and equipment in our country China. It didn’t take us long to realize that this crisis will become global and the shortage will be imminent and prices will rise insanely. This is why we created EQUIPSAFE so we could answer the needs globally by providing high-quality products and innovative solutions to overcome to the crisis of Covid-19. We want to help people and companies to go back to work safely. We will have to learn to live with the virus; this is why EQUIPSAFE will become your everyday partner in and outside the home.

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As a manufacturer, we are always aiming to provide the best user experience to our end-customers. Our products will help you to gain visibility for your company, your brand and also help people to protect themselves and living in easier conditions. We have to learn to live with virus so our research and development team is always coming with more features to make the safest equipment safer and safer! Enjoy the discount on these Presales products!

Safety products Manufacturer : Welcome to Equipsafe

Our health & safety products vision

More than 20 Certifications on products + Certified Factory

Large Capacity of Production

Several Integrated Shipping Solutions

Own research & development lab

Flexibility of payment and export solutions

Warehousing solution in Europe and USA

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Our customers feel safe

I was skeptical starting ordering from them as it was my first purchase in China but their professional service and fast reaction made it so easy to work with that I am now ordering on weekly basics.
Ben S.
I’ve purchased the different range of sanitizer dispenser to equip several franchises and shops all around the Paris areas. Buying from China has never been that easy.
Matthieu R.
Our local government mandated my company to find supply for the school in order to make it a safe environment for our students. EQUIPSAFE catalog is full of products that are a good fit for public place’s application.
Bindu S.

In Equipsafe they trust